The Middle School

Gardascuola Middle School pupils experience a global approach to education in that the morning lessons are joined to the after-school service (assisted study with teachers and educators) in order to provide a continuation in the method and quality of learning. This method means we can also provide remedial or motivational work in small groups.
The teacher's role is to guide the pupil in the acquisition of a good study method through organisational strategies; of materials and homework as well as how to work more efficiently.
As well as classroom activities, educators are on hand to involve the pupils in recreational and educational activities.

What we offer:

  • Lessons from Monday to Friday
  • Pre-school from 7:30am , our own canteen and after-school until 6.30pm
  • Guided afternoon study until 5pm.
  • Recreational and educational activities with teachers and educators.
  • Computer rooms, Art and Science rooms.
  • PAT grants and “buoni di servizio” and “assegni di studio” vouchers
  • Didactic innovations
  • Emphasis on the learning of foreign languages  (with native teachers)
  • Geography, Science and Technology modules in a foreign language.
  • Cooperative education
  • Language and Information Technology qualifications

The areas

The Middle School is situated in a new building in the grounds of Padre Monti Institute in via S.Sisto in  the town of Arco.  It offers classrooms with  computer, technical rooms, a library, a computer laboratory and a gymnasium.