Applied Sciences, sanitary High School

Gardascuola high school has applied a bias towards care and personal services to its scientific course.  While the curricular disciplines laid down by the national and regional curricula remain, Gardascuola scientific high school team wish to emphasize the links and bias towards the scientific business world, medicine, laboratory analysis, interpersonal relations, biotechnology and the economic and legal contest of the health sector.
As well as guaranteeing access to university degree courses, this type of high school leads to areas of medicine, chemical and biological sciences, nursing and physiotherapy. Moreover the course can lead to further education in the form of post-diplomas or professional qualifications.

We offer:

  • Educational activities and lessons from Monday to Friday
  • Brand new laboratory
  • Personalised university career advice
  • Our own canteen
  • Afternoon motivational courses
  • PAT and “assegni di studio” grants

Didactic innovations:

  • More Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Scientific English
  • Focus on psychological and biotechnical themes.
  • Links with specialised research centres
  • Computer and foreign language qualifications